Vol 8, No 2

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Identifying the Global Performance of the Construction Industry PDF
Alfredo Rivera, Nguyen Le, Jacob Kashiwagi, Dean Kashiwagi
Introducing the Best Value Quality Checklist in Procurement PDF
Jorn Verweij, Dean Kashiwagi
The Cost Effectiveness of Alpha SPF Roofs: Casa View Elementary School Roofing Case Study PDF
Dean Kashiwagi, Charles J. Zulanas IV, Dhaval Gajjar
Rank-Order Analysis of Factors Causing Claims on Road Construction Projects in Botswana PDF
Aderemi Y. Adeyemi, Olefile Segwabe
Prefabricated Foundation System for Single Storey Houses PDF
Ashok Kumar, Ajay Chaurasia, Sayantani Lala, Aditya Kumar, Vijayraj Nolastname
Using Satisfaction Ratings to Minimize Risk PDF
Dhaval Gajjar, Dean Kashiwagi, Kenneth Sullivan, Jacob Kashiwagi
Introducing Decision Free Solutions© - A Generic, Systemic Approach to Minimize Risk by Avoiding Decision Making PDF
Jorn Verweij

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